Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sophie at the Kolkata Fashion Week

Actress, singer & VJ Sophie Choudhary set the ramp on fire in a dazzling coral saree for designer Mandira Wirk in the Kolkata Fashion Week. Following are the excerpts of Sophie's interview during the KFW:

What is your favourite outfit?
You are asking this question to a girl who loves fashion and style! I wake up every morning with a different mind. One day I can just want to be in a pair of jeans and T-shirt, the other day I may want to go for a gown.

Are you comfortable wearing a sari?
Absolutely yes. The sari is the ultimate feminine outfit, and nowadays designers are making saris that are contemporary. Now girls see the sari as a great fashion statement. As for this Mandira Wirk sari, I am completely in love with it. The draping of this saree is something really rare and exotic.

Can you wear a sari on your own?
If it's a regular sari, then yes. But if it's a draped designer one, then I need help.

What is your favourite colour?
I am a young vibrant girl and it is through colours that my personality is reflected. At the moment I love is the hottest in fashion now. I love coral and white. However, I am lucky to be able to get away with all colours.

Who do you think is the best dressed Bollywood celebrity?
My answer has not changed for the past two's Preity Zinta. First because, I can relate to her sense of style -- she can carry any outfit with equal grace and elegance. She can make a high-street brand look like a designer brand. Secondly, I think she is one of the very few Bollywood celebs who can carry a gown. I mean, let's face it. Most Bollywood celebrities force themselves with gowns, just because it is in fashion. But very few look good in them. But Preity is an exception.

And among the men?
I love Neil Nitin Mukesh's sense of style. And another person is Amitabh Bachchan. At the IIFA awards, I literally ran after him to tell that he is a 'God in Tuxedo'. No one can look the way he looks in even the simplest of men's wear.

What do you want to see your guy in?
I like guys who are not over-obsessed with fashion -- among the two of us, only I have the right to do that (laughs). My guy has to be confident and relaxed in his style. I don't like men in chappals and kurta. I love men in jeans and white shirts. Wear Aviators and I am set. Is there anyone you know in Kolkata who fits these criteria?

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